Stories In And Outside Construction Sites Vincenzo Cortelli Terzo Valico

Stories 2: The lives of people, in and outside construction sites - Vincenzo Cortelli, Foreman, Terzo Valico Project

Stories: le persone dentro e fuori i cantieri - Vincenzo Cortelli, Terzo Valico - Nodo di Genova

"When I enter the tunnel I feel at home. I started this work on the construction site in Libya with Impregilo. It was hard in the desert.

Working on the construction site means building a team, a family, covering one's back. It's a job you have to love, you need to feel it in your blood. Someday I will miss the noise, the bolt, the hammer.

I celebrated my 42nd year of work in the construction site. I've been part of the Webuild Group for 25 years ".

Vincenzo Cortelli, Terzo Valico dei Giovi Project Foreman