Howwebuild A Sustainable Construction Site Episode 3 Eng

HowWebuild: A sustainable construction site - Episode 3

Terzo Valico dei Giovi - HowWebuild: Un cantiere sostenibile - Episodio 3

The Terzo Valico dei Giovi – Genoa Junction One Project foresees building the longest railway tunnel route in Italy. The new HS/HC Milan-Genoa Railway line is mostly underground: the first section begins in Genoa, the so called Valico Tunnel, developing for 27 kilometres in a tunnel.

If one also considers the secondary interconnections of the lines, the project foresees building 90 kilometres of tunnels. 28 of these, are excavated with a TBM and the remaining 62 with traditional methods.

Excavations are therefore a significant part of the works. In the 3rd episode of the video series dedicated to the Terzo Valico project, you will be able to hear how the great quantity of excavation material to build this large work is managed.

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